Director Stephen Glynn

Stephen Glynn Director
The Edge Property Buyers

Stephen is an active property investor with a multimillion-dollar property portfolio spanning Brisbane, Melbourne, and Geelong. His journey to becoming a millionaire by the age of 30 started when he arrived in Australia in 2009, having emigrated from Ireland.

When Stephen arrived in Australia, he began working in civil construction. He spent 12 years in the civil construction space, having various roles over that period. While working on construction sites, Stephen was building his property portfolio on the side. After buying a few properties for himself, he began helping some colleagues purchase properties and build their own property portfolios. This led to a realization that the enjoyment for Stephen was helping others to purchase properties, grow their wealth exponentially over time, and avoid the many pitfalls and bad actors in the industry.

This realization led Stephen to finish his work in construction and build a company to help others build property investment portfolios. Stephen helped investors build property portfolios along the eastern seaboard.

During this time, Stephen began seeing the massive upswing in infrastructure investment in Brisbane running up to the 2032 Olympics and the overall population growth in Southeast Queensland. This led him to focus more on Brisbane and eventually to purchase investment properties exclusively in Brisbane through his directorship at The Edge Property Buyers, which he joined in 2024, partnering with Craig Hogg in 2024. Services now include helping owner-occupiers purchase homes in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast as well.

Stephen also enjoys travelling, running, triathlons, the gym, and attending sporting events.