Sourcing Property Advisors When investing Interstate

Property Advisor Licensing
Rentvesting or simply looking to invest interstate?
State laws govern real Property regulations in Australia, so it is essential when building a team of partners to help purchase an interstate property that all are licenced and have the proper insurance to operate in the state or territory where the investment property is located.
Some examples of property professionals requiring state-based licencing:
  • Buyers Agents
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Conveyancers/Lawyers
  • Building and Pest inspectors
Where To Look
The Department of Fair Trading, Law Societies, or Real Estate Institute websites all have licence and member listings in the state where the property is purchased. Some examples to start with are Real Estate Institutes for each state, Real Estate Buyers Agents Association, Property Investment Professionals Association, Queensland Building and Construction Commission, Master Builders Association, Australian Institute of Conveyancers.
When it comes to insurance, do not be afraid to ask the service provider for a copy of their Public indemnity and Public Liability Insurance policies.
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