It’s a great time to review your Landlords Insurance

Landlords Insurance, Are you covered?

In these unprecedented times, with Covid-19 job losses and lockdowns, it’s expected vacancy rates and tenant defaults will rise over the coming months., so If you haven’t done it already, now would be a very good time to ensure all your insurance policies are in place and current.

If you are a property investor, then ensure your Landlords Insurance is paid, current, and to review the policy coverage in case you need to make a claim.

Successful property investors manage their risk and with rising unemployment, there will likely be a rise in tenant defaults.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, do it now and protect yourself and your assets.

Here’s another good article on the Covid-19 coverage of EBM RentCover Landlords policies, but be sure to check your individual policy details as each company has different coverage and exclusions

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