We run you through the numbers before you purchase.

  • Do you know all the extra costs related to purchasing your new home or investment property? We will run you through the numbers before we get started so there are no hidden surprises.

  • How far do you need to be to work, schools and local facilities? These are important numbers to consider when looking to purchasing a new property. We discuss what’s important to you and make that the main focus of our research

  • We can refer you to a selection of high calibre industry professionals to assist during and after the purchase. Whether its lawyers, building and pest inspectors, property managers or town planners we will use these professionals to help negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

  • We take no referral fees from any third party we refer, and any discount on fees we negotiate will be passed on in full to our customers.

  • For our property investing clients, our commitment to maximise your return on investment means we go deeper than other buyer’s agent.

  • Not only do we crunch the numbers on the macro, micro and property specifics, we also draw on 14+ years of expertise in property depreciation to plan upgrades to maximise your depreciation claims, increase your yields, and increase your investments capital growth over the long term.

  • Its details like these that make the difference between a good purchase and a great one.